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Our Story

We started Weldon Barber in 2004 after my husband concluded that getting a consistent haircut combined with a great overall experience was nearly impossible. With a tendency to explain things in relation to food he said, “Guys want quality and appreciate it when a business is focused on total customer service. When it comes to haircuts for guys, there’s plenty of fast food and gimmicky sports bars but where’s the next great steak house?”.

Since the beginning, our focus has been on delivering excellent consistent service. Our Barbers helped create our Weldon service menu, designed our shops and defined the total “Weldon Experience”. Today, our Barbers continue to put their talent and care into every service and as we approach our one millionth haircut, we think we’ve found our “secret sauce”.

Thanks guys!

Suzette Nordstrom
Founder and CEO 

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Our Shops

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Downtown Seattle: (206) 441-2116
Issaquah: (425) 369-9910
Kirkland: (425) 828-0151
Mill Creek: (425) 337-5068
Valley – Spokane: (509) 456-8001
South Hill – Spokane: (509) 456-8998
North Spokane – Spokane: (509) 456-8992

Everything we do is for you, our customers. Over the years, feedback has helped us make Weldon what it is today. But we’re not done working to improve and are continuously looking for ways we can better serve you. Feel free to send us comments, praise, thoughts, suggestions, complaints, whatever!

And yes, we do read them and you’ll always get a reply.

Job interest? Careers@weldonbarber.com                                                  Just to say hello and everything else: Contact@weldonbarber.com

Weldon Products

Weldon Barber has a complete line of top-quality Men’s grooming products, including Aveda, Jack Black, Edwin JaggerBeardbrand and Baxter of California.

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